We are teaching gymnastics to all ages and levels with qualified Coaches and best Players. Whether your child is an aspiring Olympic gymnast or simply wants to try out this fantastic sport, Sports Akademy is the place to go. The young recreational gymnasts that start in our Akademy are encouraged simply to enjoy the use of the equipment that we have and to work their way through encouraging them. As they become more skilled, the children are allowed to increase their hours in the gym to improve further their work if they wish but they do not have to as the child who only wishes to participate for the exercise is also most welcome. Our coach uses balls and soft play equipment to help improve their co-ordination and balance in toddlers.

Coaches employed at Sports Akademy. Two of these are full-time and the rest are Sports Akademy provides employed on a sessional basis. Many of the coaches are former gymnasts and are both highly skilled and dedicated. sessions for adults & advance students. There are over 5 .